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Who's Who at Target-Mossimo Giannulli

Mossimo is most famous deniger at Target. Mossimo is mid range American appearl company. It foundes in 1986 by Mossimo Giannulli. I like the Mossimo brand logo. It is just used Mossimo words, but it is simple and clear.


The exhibition ', Design in Belgium after 2000' takes place in the old industrial mining complex of the Grand-Hornu. Without precedence in its breadth, it highlights the high degree of quality and creativity of contemporary Belgian design, which was already well noticed during the last furniture show in Milan.

With a total of 330 objects and furniture pieces by 135 designers and design studios, the exhibition '' is a selection of the best Belgian creations produced in the last 5 years in Belgian or abroad. The reputation of numerous Belgian designers and producers which integrate design goes beyond frontiers. One thinks of personalities such as Maarten Van Severen, Koen De Winter, Bob Daenen, Claire Bataille & Paul Ibens, Alain Berteau, Casimir, Xavier Lust, Vincent Van Duysen, Danny Venlet who have, amongst others, succeeded in raising their talent to an international level.This exhibition is a co-organisation between Grand-Hornu Images, Pro Materia and Design Vlaanderen in the framework of the 175-25 programme (175th anniversary of Belgium, 25 years of federalism). The exhibition is completed by a fully illustrated catalogue in three languages (FR/NL/ENG) available at our shop: rue Sainte-Louise, Hornu, BelgiumUntil February 16 2006From Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00 to 18.00 Tel. +32 (0)65 21 21

'The Son of Eddy' hanging lamp in silicone rubber and pyrex glassDavy Grosemans ed. Dark (B), 2003 © Dark

'La Chaises' in and outdoor chair Lucile Soufflet ed. Fermob (F), 2005

Lounge chair in 3D textile
netAnnick Schotte degree 2ed. Hélium Concept, 2004-2005. © Hélium Concept

'Mortar & Pestle' in porcelain
and stonewareKoen De Wintered.
Atelier Orange (CA), 2004

'PicNik' module in thermolacquered aluminium
(adult and junior size)
Dirk Wynants & Xavier Lusted. Extremis (B), 2002.
© Extremis

'Tab' stackable armchairAlain Berteaued. Bulo (B),
2001-2004. © Bulo

'Fence' kit chairAlain Berteaued. Feld (B), 2004. © Feld

'Flora' table and environment lamp in blown glass and stainless steel stemHenriette Michauxed. Axis-Edition (B/F), 2000-2002. © Axis-Edition

'Margriet' mirror and fruit plateBieke Hoeted. Hoet Design (B), 2002. © Hoet Design

'Luminettes' luminotherapy
instrumentJacques Tilman & INOVed. Lucimed (B),
2004-2005. © Lucimed

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